We at Gulf Minerals & Chemicals L.L.C. value what nature has to offer in its vast bouquet of Resources. We obtain those resources in raw form, from various parts of the earth where they originate. We bring it in semi-finished and finished form to our state-of-the-art facilities. These materials are then further processed with precision and best in the industry equipment’s and methods to suit the requirements and standards of destined user or industry.

We have a long history of not just providing our clients with products but a holistic solution that enables us to deliver highest value and satisfaction to our clients which in turn empowers them to devise cost-effective solutions and products offering in today’s competitive market.

We trace our origins back to 1975 when we set up our first Minerals processing unit in India with a vision to grow sustainability. With years of knowledge gathering and learning, we have developed as a solution provider when it comes to Raw Materials for various industries. Our experience helps us come across several challenges that the industry faces.

In 1998 Company established its foothold in the United Arab Emirates with a long term vision to serve and benefit from local U.A.E market as well as to reach out to the Middle East, Africa and the Asia Pacific.

  • Awareness: The Environment surrounding the Minerals industry has been rapidly changing in recent years. We take it as our responsibility to educating about the benefits, features and hazards if any, of the materials we offer. We strive to be the most transparent and communicate with our clients regularly. We believe that the flow of information in both the directions has played a very important role in bringing us at this stage, and is sure to help us in a long journey ahead.


  • Reuse- Reduce- Recycle: Economists have always educated us about the limited resources, and now with the sharp rise in economic activities catalyzed by increase in population, the world is facing severe crisis in managing all the waste. As a responsible organization we see it as our duty to educate and encourage our employees, suppliers and customers to use, reusable, recyclable, easily degradable and in general sustainable options in terms of material, packaging and transportation.


  • Continuous Evaluation: We always challenge our self with questions like, how we can offer more sustainable products, with a lesser and lesser impact on the environment. How can we deliver more cost effective solutions. How can we identify and propose more than one use of our products. By doing so, we try to prepare our self from the economic cycle of boom and slump.